Amazon Hub: Your Definitive Guide to Hub by Amazon

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Amazon Hub provides shoppers with a self-service delivery location to pick up their Amazon packages. Shoppers can also deliver orders purchased from other retailers to their Amazon Hub. This guide will cover all you need to know about Amazon Hub. How Does Amazon Hub Work? Amazon Hub works in 4 easy steps. Here they are:…

Is this the same as having your Amazon package shipped to your home?

Hi @Mlee,

No. Amazon Hub is not the same as having Amazon ship packages to your home. Amazon hubs are lockers in private properties.

When you order on Amazon, you can choose for Amazon to deliver your item to the Amazon hub or Amazon locker closest to your home.

Then, Amazon will deliver your item to the Hub or Locker and send you a code to unlock the box your item is placed in their locker.

When you get there, you enter the code, pick up your order and close the box.

This service is useful if you will not be at home to receive your order.

Dear VictorAs,

That helps me a great deal, thank you so much for your response!