How To Change User Name And Rename User Folder In Windows 10

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Have you ever wanted to change your username and then your Windows 10 user folder? This is a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to change your user name and your user folder name in Windows 10…

[Question by an reader]

I changed my user name to match a fresh install of windows 10 on another drive. However, Outlook no longer displays my emails or the folder structure I created because WITHIN the PST and/or OST files. My old user name is still being referenced. Outlook cannot open these backup files because the folder no longer exists. Is there any way to edit these files without going through Outlook?

[Comment by an reader]

The article does what it’s supposed to, just that some programs break on windows because they have file paths for the original name and not the new one Should be mentioned here that after the change, users may have to reinstall some things.

I did mention in this article that when you change your Windows 10 user name and rename your user folder, some apps like Outlook may break.

Some other apps like Dropbox may also break.

After changing your user name and renaming your Windows 10 user folder, you may receive the error message below:

“Your Outlook data file cannot be configured C:\Users[Old Profile Name]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook[email address].ost”

[Before you perform the steps below, make sure that you closed outlook]

If you receive this error message, follow the steps below to fix this problem:

  1. Open Control Panel (use Windows search). Then, change your Control Panel view to “Small Icon”

  2. Next, click Mail (Microsoft Outlook). Yours may have a different name depending on the version of Outlook you installed on your computer.

  3. When Outlook opens, click Show Profiles.

  4. Remove the profile by clicking Remove. After you remove the existing profile, click Add, then create a new outlook profile.