How To Enable/Disable Notifications In Itechguides Community Forum

Wonder why you’re not receiving Activity notifications? Do you want to take control of the notification alerts you receive by enabling and disabling notifications on the Itechguides Community Forum? Whichever way, I will show you how to do that in these simple and clear steps below.

  1. From any page of our forum, click on your profile picture at the top right corner of the page. See the image below for an example.

  2. Click on the preferences icon on the rightmost side of the window that pops up.

  3. Locate and click on preferences on the list of names that appear on the preferences tab.

  4. Move your mouse down-left through the list that is under Account then click on Notifications.

  5. Finally, click on the Disable Notifications button that is below the word “Live Notifications” to disable Notifications.

  6. That’s all! Reading up to this point means you should be able to enable/disable notification now.

Note: You can click on the same button to enable notifications again.