How To Filter Your Search On The Itechguides Community Forum

Our search filter functionality will help you narrow your search on any topic. Follow the instruction below to learn how to filter your search on the Itechguides Community Forum.

  1. First, you must click on the search icon on the page you’re currently viewing.

  2. Next is to type in the topic you want to search for and click on the advance search button as shown in the image below.

    Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + Enter key on your keyboard.

  3. When the search result page appears, you’ll see the search result in total, the advanced filters functionality, and the filter options at the right before the Search button.

  4. Click on the filter option and select the option of your choice to filter your search result.

  5. you can also click on the Advanced filters to further narrow your search results.

Easy right? When you’re done following these instructions, you’ll be able to filter topics on the Itechguides Community Forum.