How To Install The Fitbit App For Windows 11

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Do you want to install the Fitbit app on your Windows 11 PC but don’t know how? You are in luck because this guide teaches how to install the Fitbit app on Windows 11. This guide demonstrates two ways of installing the Fitbit app on your Windows 11 computer. Hence, you will learn how to…

The instructions worked and I installed using Microsoft Store method on 11/28/22. However the opens but will not let me log in with Fitbit account credentials used on my phone fitbit app. It says "API client is not authorized by Fitbit to access the resource requested. Visit for more information on the Fitbit web API authorization process. This page is for a developer not a user.
So any suggestions on how to get the app to work properly on my Windows 11 PC would be most appreciated.

Hello Wally_Drogt,

Welcome to Itechguides forum. Sorry you were unable to log in to the Fitbit app you installed from the Microsoft Store.

I suggest you uninstall the app on your laptop, then re-install the app using the second method in the guide. Hopefully, that fixes the problem.