How To Install Windows 10 21H2 Update Manually

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Normally you have to wait for Windows 10 21H2 to become available via Windows update. However, if you want to install Windows 10 21H2 update manually, use the steps in this guide. Before you install Windows 10 21H2 update manually, it is recommended to have at least 10 GB of free space on the drive…

I have a non interneted windows 10 workstation it cannot have internet access based on the sensitivity of the information. I try and do an update to 21H2 by downloading the ISO and mounting it and running it. This all works until the end of the install after 100% it fails, I’ve attempted this three time with the same results, any advise on this.

Hi @jadado,

Have you every updated this Windows 10 computer? Or better still, when was the last time you updated the PC with the ISO method?

Yesterday 07/01.23 I ran up a pc I’ve kept as a standby having just replaced the main pc after the previous one failed with a motherboard problem.
This standby pc was working OK and must have been running 21h2 OK as it hasn’t been run for at least a year. While adding a few extras I accidentally accepted 22h2 update and the machine will now only boot as far as the HP splash screen… then to a black screen with a blinking cursor.
So the question is, is it possible to download the media creation tool to a usb stick and get 21h2… All my attempts have failed as MS only now seem to offer 22h2.
BTW… the cd/dvd rom drive is not showing in the bios boot order list.

Hello @RogerJ,

You can roll back the update. Follow the steps in this guide - How to Roll Back Windows 10 Update (3 Methods) -