How To Log Into Your Account In The Itechguides Community Forum

Are you finding it hard to log in to your account on the Itechguides Community Forum? Well, this guide will do the trick. Follow me as I will show you how to log in to your account and where to use your Two-Factor Verification code.

  1. First you have to visit on your browser then press the enter key on your keyboard.

  2. Once the website opens, click on the Log In button that is between the Sign Up button and the search icon at the top-right of the homepage.

  3. On the Login page, first enter your Email or Username on the Email/Username bar then enter your Password on the Password bar, and click on the Log in button.

    Alternatively, you can also log in through Facebook, Google Account, or Twitter only if you’ve already set up your account using any of the three options mentioned above.

  4. Once you click log in, you’ll be redirected to your Home page.

    Note: If you’ve set up your Two-factor Authentication pin before, a welcome back page will appear and will require you to enter your Two-Factor Authentication code. Now click on the Authenticate with Security Key button as shown below.

  5. After you’ve clicked on the Authenticate with Security Key, a window will open for you to enter your Authentication Pin. See the image below for an illustration.

  6. Enter the correct Authentication pin and you will be redirected to your logged-in page

That’s straight and simple right!