How To Reply To A Post On Itechguides Community Forum

Ever come across a post on Itechguides Community Forum and all your wish at that moment was to express your personal opinion about that post?
well, this article is designed to take you through simple steps on how to reply to a post.

  1. The first thing you should do is to click on the post you wish to reply to. See the image below for example.


  2. When the post has opened, there are strategic places where the reply button is located.

    To reply to the original post, use Reply buttons 1 and 2. Reply button 1 is located at the bottom of the post or below the last comment on the page while reply button 2 is located at the right pane of the original topic created.

    However, to reply directly to another person’s reply, use the reply button 3 or reply button 4 that is beneath that person’s reply. See images below for illustration.

  3. After clicking any of these three reply buttons illustrated above, a text box will open up for you to type in your opinion. Once you are done typing, click on the reply button at the bottom left to finally reply to the post.

Great! That’s all you need to do in order to reply to a post on the Itechguides Community Forum.