How To Update Your Profile Information On Itechguides Community Forum

Do you want to update your profile information on the Itechguides Community forum but don’t know how? Worry no more, as you should be able to do that after following the easy-to-understand steps below.

  1. Firstly, you need to navigate the round-shaped icon at the top right corner of your screen and click on it. Note, that the round-shaped icon will always display your profile picture.

  2. After clicking on the round-shaped icon, an option will display with five icons. You should click on the icon with a human shape at the extreme right. Note, once you hover over this icon, it will display “Preferences”.

  3. When you click on that human-shape-like icon, you will see a list of items, click on the fifth item which is “Preferences”.

  4. After following all the steps above, your profile page will open.

  5. On your profile page, you will see “profile” just below “security” on the left side of your screen. Click on “profile”.

  6. A page will display, and you will see about me, time zone, location, website, and date of birth. There are boxes to fill each of them except for the date of birth which you can only select date and month.

  7. Lastly click on save changes.

That’s it, your Itechguide community profile would be updated if you have correctly followed all the steps above.