IMPORTRANGE (Google Sheet Function) Not Updating

I just had this problem and wanted to share. I have two Google Sheets and wanted to update a cell in the second worksheet with a cell in the first worksheet.

To do that, I used the formula below:

IMPORTRANGE("**abc**", "August!G31:G31")

To be absolutely clear, I replaced portions of the reference Google Sheets URL above with “abc”. So the URL is not my real Google Sheet URL.

Moving on, after I added this formula in the destination Google Sheet cell and made changes to the source sheet, the destination sheet was not updating.

Here are the things I did to fix the problem:

  1. I made sure that both sheets are open in the same browser
  2. *I changed the “Recalculation” setting from “On change” to “On change and every minute.” on both sheets.

*To modify the “Recalculation” setting on Google Sheets:

  1. Click File and select Settings.
  2. Then, when the “Settings for this Spreadsheet” opens, click the “Calculation” tab
  3. Finally, click the Recalculation drop-down and select “On change and every minute.”

Perform this action on both Google Sheets. Once you do this, when you make any change in the source Sheet cell, the destination sheet cell (where you have the IMPORTRANGE formula) will update automatically.

If you’ve had this problem, kindly share how you fixed it by replying to this post.