Missing Drive Partition

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to do a factory reset of my HP Laptop and keep receiving the error saying I am missing a required drive partition.
I’m very new and all this and would greatly appreciate any help!!
Thank you!

Hello @Mlee,

Would you mind providing me with additional information about the steps you’re taking to reset of the HP Laptop?

For example, it would be great if you could describe exactly what you are doing on the laptop and the specific action you took before receiving the error.

The more detail you provide, the better we can understand the situation and be able to help.

You could also take a picture (with your phone) of the screen that displays the error message and upload it to this post.

Hello VictorAs,
Thank you for getting in touch so quickly.
Pior to this error message I was trying to return my computer to factory default. Below are the steps I took.

  1. Booted from a Wimdows 8 Pro usb to get in recovery mode.

  2. Then on the next screen I hit R for repair.

  3. After that Troubleshoot

  4. Then I went to reset my computer,

  5. And this is what I received.

Is Windows 8 installed on the PC originally? If it is, on step 4, select “Refresh your PC” option. Then, follow the steps to reinstall Windows 10.

During the process, you will get to a point where the installation wizard will ask you whether you want to keep your data or delete it, and select the option to keep your data.

However, if Windows 8 was not installed on the computer, start from step 2, and do not select Repair. Rather select Next, then reinstall Windows 8.

thanks my issue has been fixed.

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