NAS (Network Attached Storage) Explained: What Do You Know About NAS?

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What do you know about NAS? Whether you know anything about it or not, reading through this article teaches you all you need to know about NAS (Network Attached Storage). In this article, the first section is an overview of the Network Attached Storage technology. Following the overview section, is the section where I will…

I was wondering what forms NAS may come in? Thank you

Hello @Mlee thank you for your question:

NAS is categorized into 3:

  1. Enterprise NAS
  2. Small Business NAS
  3. Consumer NAS

The difference between these NAS classifications lies in the features the NAS delivers.

As the name suggests, Enterprise Network Attached Storage devices are used by big businesses and feature more advanced encryption and compression technologies.

Small Business Enterprise Network Attached Storage devices are usually mid-range and may not offer some of the advanced features that Enterprise NAS offers.

However, as expected, Small Business NAS devices are more affordable than Enterprise NAS devices.

Finally, Consumer NAS is used mainly by freelancers or individual that wants to share files with friends or families.

Thank you for your response, that helps me understand more!