WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working? Try These 13 Fixes

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If WhatsApp Web QR code is not working, the problem may be experienced in multiple ways: The QR code on your PC may not load The QR code loads but you cannot scan it on your phoneIn some phones, when you scan the code, you may not be able to tap the “OK, got it”…

Based on feedback from our readers, below are the top fixes (from our suggested fixes) that resolve. " WhatsApp Web QR Code Not Working or not scanning."

  1. Reset Your Phone’s Network Setting
  2. Disabling Hardware Acceleration in Chrome Browser
  3. Cleaning Your Phone’s Camera Lens
  4. Turning Off WiFi And Scan With 3G
  5. Clearing Computer Browser Cookies
  6. Clearing WhatsApp Cache on Android

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I was going through the steps in this article and nothing was working until I realised that I had changed my browser to dark mode. The QR code was being displayed on a black background and the Android phone couldn’t read it. When I temporarily changed it back to light so that the QR code was on a white background, it finally scanned.

Hope this can help anyone with a similar problem

Thanks, @Cathos, for sharing.

If you run Duckduckgo Privacy Essentials on FF, it will mess with your QR. In my XP, whitelisting (https://web.whatsapp.com/) will not solve the problem, only a global disabling. Go figure…

Thanks, @Let_me_rephrase_that for sharing.

I had tried everything but then after seeing this article I realized it was because of Dark Reader, which was on by default. Turning it off for Whatsapp Web fixed the problem instantly. Thanks! :slight_smile: